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Plastic Netting specification included.

Plastic Netting specification included.

 1 Color,
 2 netting mesh size,
 3 weight of squre meter(gsm),
 4 what's the net will be used for,
 5 the width and length of net,
 6 Packing information: in roll or bundle? 
 7 Treated with UV or not,
8 Flame Retardant or Non-Flame Retardant
9 FOB or CIF price?



Sample importance


Usually the following information need the professional knowledge. It is hard to measure the net. General we need a small sample so that we can figure out the cost of nets. And then we can give you the exactly price.


Can we offer sample to you?


We usually keep some nets when we manufactured for new clients need. But due to the nets are infinite in variety. Maybe the mesh size is different, so it is

hard to offer the absolutely same sample. The PE netting machine always have about 200KG lost when it finish produce the nets.  The wire will be left on the

machine only can be used on the next production. So if we produce the same nets as the sample. It will cost a lot. We usually offer the similar nets.

What's the nets minimum order quantity?

Usually the minimum order quantity is 2-3 tons.

What's the delivery lead time?
Usually the delivery lead time is 25-35 days. If the order is large, it may need 45 days.



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