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Debris Netting,Plastic Construction Nets,Industrial Safety Netting,PE Protective Nets

Debris Netting,Plastic Construction Nets,Industrial Safety Netting,PE Protective Nets

Plastic Debris Netting is durable, heavy duty plastic netting for use on scaffolding to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris.  Additionally, this construction netting allows air circulation and considerably reduces rain and wind penetration which improves the working environment for construction personnel.


HDPE Debris Netting Specification:
Material: Virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Length: 1m-300m as per requirement
Width: 1m-6m as per requirement
Knitted eyeholes along both edges and through the centre.
Open weave allows air movement
Flame Retardant & Non-Flame Available
Can be hung Vertically or Horizontally
Installs Easily & Easy to Handle
Color: Green,Black, White, Red or as per requirement
Weight: 15g-300g/square meters or as per requirement
Contains reinforced edges at side and middle
Easy to install, economic and secure solution
Treated with UV:  Ensure the nets keep long lifespan

This  Debris Netting can be used for:
1. Scaffolding Enclosures and Safety Netting

2. Debris netting bridge construction
3.Wind Protection or Paint Overspray
4. Temporary Walls and Dust Control
5. Sandblast Containment or Fence Line
6. as crop netting in allotments
7. perimeter edging in paintball parks


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