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Silage Bags,Silo Bags,Sand Bag,Gravel Bag,PE Bags

Silage Bags,Silo Bags,Sand Bag,Gravel Bag,PE Bags

The silage cover  is placed over the normal bunker cover and weighted only at the edges and joins with Secure Gravel Bags. Replace tires entirely using the Secure Covers System.  The Secure Silo Bags fit where tires can't reach and offer great security in combination with Secure Cover sheets.  They provide a very effective seal against bunker walls.  Eliminate the possibility of tire wire disease.  The sturdy handle makes carrying and storage on apallet easy.=


Silage Bags Details:
1.High strength and tensile strench, elongation, anti-puncture and tear resistance.
2.Made of virgin polythene  the same with Secure Covers
3.Easy to install, economic and secure solution
4.Treated with UV:  Ensure the nets keep long lifespan 

5. Current sinonetting produce 120cmx27cm, and 100cm x20cm(one handle, Two handles and without handle in the middle)


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