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Silage Cover,Plastic Silage Covers,Hay Bail Covers,Pile Covers

Silage Cover,Plastic Silage Covers,Hay Bail Covers,Pile Covers

Silage Covers  are designed  for silage protection. The farmer use this  secure cover to cover silage and avoid damage from livestock, hail, wind and animal. It was producted by 100% virgin HDPE with UV stable. With high woven technology and quality control, this secure cover is durable for long time using. Stronger quality product  by using virgin HDPE and UV stable Create the wonderful environment and place for farmer to store silage The best protection from damage by bird, hail, wind, dog, cattle and other livestock.



Secure Silage Covers Specification:

1.High strength and tensile strench, elongation, anti-puncture and tear resistance.
2.Made of virgin polythene or mix.material
3.Helps to reduce surface waste
4.Labour saving - quick and easy to use
5.Secure Covers can be used as  silage cover, hay bail  covers, silage pile covers, plastic covers, silo cover, plastic sheeting, silage bunker sheet, silo sheeting for bunker, corn, grain. 
6.Color: Green,Black, White, Red or as per requirement
7. Easy to install, economic and secure solution
8.Treated with UV:  Ensure the nets keep long lifespan at least 10 years
OEM is available as your size, color, and other details requirement.
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