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Windbreak Netting,Plastic Garden Windbreak Nets,Windbreak Net Horticultural

Windbreak Netting,Plastic Garden Windbreak Nets,Windbreak Net Horticultural

Windbreak Nettinga knitted plastic mesh, is made of HDPE, an effective windproof plastic nets to cut wind-speed by 30% to 50%, thus to improve crops and plants’ yield and quality by reduce wind damage, water loss, soil erosion, wind borne diseases and heat loss. It also can defend against frost, low temperatures and hail, protect from the sun rays and wind, used in horticulture, greenhouses and floriculture, building scaffold, livestock, play area, fence, windbreak and packaging applications. 

Plastic Windbreak Nets Product Details:

Specs: (customized specification is welcomed)

Material:Virgin High Density PE

Mesh type: cross over

Shade factor:30%, 40%,60%,75%,etc

Net weight(g/m2): 70gsm, 100gsm, 150gsm,200gsm ect..

Color: Green,black,white,etc..



Contains reinforced edges at side and middle
Easy to install, economic and secure solution
Packing: roll or bundle  

Windbreak Netting Special specification can be customized.

This windbreak netting can be use  for:

   Traditional fencing

   Temporary fencing

   Privacy screening

   Animal enclosure

   Snow break fencing

   Debris Nets or scaffold nets

  Windbreak fencing for fruit trees and vineyards

   Tree protection like fruit trees and vineyards

   Containment of dust in arid environments

   Shade Protection for greenhouse and gardens

   Fish Netting to keep birds away from fish pond

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